Statement by the delegation of Cambodia
at 16th Session of the UPRWG of HRC for Bangladesh
Monday, 29 April 2013

Mr. President,

  1. Cambodia welcomes the Distinguished Delegation of Bangladesh led by Honourable Foreign Minister Dr. Dipu Moni, (MP) at this Second Cycle the UPR Working Group of the Human Rights Council.

  2. Cambodia takes note of the notable progress and efforts made by the Government of Bangladesh to promote and protect human rights in various fields through implementation of a great number of the recommendations adopted during the first UPR cycle.

  3. We congratulate the country for its ratification to the most of core International Treaties and Conventions, including the Rome Statute.

  4. We are pleased to learn that Bangladesh is being on track to achieving most of the important targets of MDGs, including the country’ efforts to reach the target of halving the population living under the poverty line by 2015.

  5. As a fellow LDC, we are aware of the constraints and challenges that the country is continuing to face with. And yet, we are equally mindful of the fact that Bangladesh has made significant stride in fighting those challenges. Its progress in the eradication of poverty, consolidation of democracy, in checking population growth and diversity and tackling environmental consequences are praiseworthy

  6. Finally Cambodia wishes to formulate the following recommendation for Bangladesh:

    • Continues to fight poverty keeping in line with the country's existing programs and plans of action along with active support of the international community.

    • Continue to give particular attention to empowerment of women, children, and other vulnerable groups of the populations as one of priorities of country's policy agenda.

Thank you.